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Animal Control

Denville Township Animal Control operates under the auspices of the Denville Township Police Administration Division.  Denville Township Animal Control Officer Meredith Petrillo provides animal control, animal cruelty and animal rescue service to the Township.  ACO Petrillo also runs the Denville Animal Shelter and oversees the operation of the Denville Township Dog Park, "The Happy Hound Play Ground".

Animal Shelter Operations:

Denville Township provides shelter of misplaced domestic animals.  If you have lost or found an animal, we provide a safe place for that animal until we find their owner.  If no one comes forward for the animal after seven days, the Township of Denville places the animal up for adoption by appointment.  We do not charge an adoption fee, however we do ask for a donation of food and supplies back to the shelter so the animals that are there for longer periods of time can be provided for.  If you have lost your pet, please contact the police desk at 973-627-4900 ext. 9, as they are aware of all of the animals that are placed in the shelter.  Reclaiming your pet may be done during the following hours: Mon. - Fri. from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., Sat. from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m., closed on Sunday.  There is a $25 plus $12 per calendar day charge to the owner.  No animal will be returned on Sundays or holidays.

Denville Township provides residents and their pets resources in case of an emergency.  If there is a fire, flood or other disaster that requires you to leave your home and you do not have a place to go with your pets, the animal shelter will be made available to you so that your pets can be safe until you can return home.  We will also assist in removal and housing for pets if there is a medical emergency.  If you require this type of assistance, please contact the Denville Police.

Important Information:

Denville Township requires all dogs and cats over the age of seven months to have rabies shots and to be licensed with the Township.  Failure to do so may result in a summons.  To obtain a license for your pet, you can download an application here.  

Application for a Dog License.
Application for a Cat License.

All dogs are required to be an a leash no more than six feet in length and controlled by a person capable of controlling the dog whenever the dog is on public property.

Curbing your dog requires you to walk your dog along the curb so as not to cause damage to private property and picking up after your dog and disposing of fecal matter in a proper manner.

All dogs and cats must have a Denville Township registration tag on their collar when in public.

Dogs running at large is not permitted in any part of the Township except within the confines of the dog park located at Veteran's Memorial Park on Zeek Road.  Membership to the park is required and an application may be downloaded here. 

 Press Release for New Dog Park at Veteran's Memorial Park

 Application for membership to Happy Hound Playgound.


Denville Township's ACO is also an animal cruelty investigator.  If you have a concern about how an animal is being cared for or treated, please contact the Denville Police Department and provide as much information as possible.  Also, please provide a call-back phone number so that we can follow up with you.  You do not have to give your name.

Denville Township has a large wildlife population that includes black bears, red fox, coyotes, beaver, muskrats, raccoons, skunks and, of course, deer.  In most cases, if these animals are in your neighborhood, it is because there is a food source.  Containing or removing the food source will force these animals to look for food in other areas.  Some tips to follow: place your garbage at the curb on the morning of pick-up, have a secure lid on your garbage cans, store your garbage in a secure area and do not feed the birds (except in winter - if you do enjoy feeding the birds, place bird feeders at least twelve feet in the air and away from your home).

If you find a wildlife baby or any species, DO NOT TOUCH!  Most of the time, the mother is around.  Observe the animal for a period of time and contact the police if you believe the animal is injured.

Just because a raccoon is out during the day does not mean that it has rabies.  Observe the animal and contact the police if it is making a strange noise, is unable to climb, is falling over or walking in circles.

In the spring, the deer give birth in our back yards.  It is normal for the deer to leave their newborn fawns in our yards for up to eighteen hours.  The only time intervention should take place is if the fawn starts to cry and is walking around looking for its mother, or if there are flies around the fawn.  Otherwise, it is very normal to have them in our neighborhood yards into the late evening.

Fox, coyote and bears are not nocturnal animals.  They may be seen anytime of day or night.  If the animal appears to be sick, injured or aggressive then it should be reported to the Denville Police.

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Contact Info

Animal Control
973-627-4900 ext. 4

Police Department
973-627-4900 ext. 9

Health Department
973-625-8300 ext. 261


Animal Control Services

Respond to complaints concerning domestic and wildlife problems

Animal Bites

Dogs running at large

Injured and sick wildlife removal

Lost and found domestic animals

Enforcement of State and Local laws pertaining to animals

Investigate and enforce animal cruelty complaints

Provide education on nuisance wildlife

Rabies control

Impound stray animals

Removal of dead animals on local roadways

Oversees the dog park

Provides emergency coverage 24/7

Save My Pet Stickers

The Denville Police Department and the Denville Fire Department have made available "Save My Pet Stickers".  If you would like a sticker, please contact the ACO at 973-627-4900 ext. 4.  These stickers are free of charge to all Denville Residents.