Department History

he Denville Police Department was officially created on September 2, 1936. Prior to this time, the protection of life and property and the function of preserving the peace in Denville Township were delegated to Special Officers appointed by the Township Committee. The most notable of these Special Officers was Benjamin Kinsey, who served as both the Fire Chief and Police Chief from 1928 to 1935 (Kinsey Place was named in honor of him).

In 1936, the Denville Police Department was established by an Ordinance passed by the Township Committee. Harry Jenkins was appointed Chief of Police and Arthur Strathman was appointed as a Patrolman.

During the 1930's and 1940's, there was no actual "Police Station"Chief Jenkins worked out of his residence on Myers Avenue. Calls to the Denville Police were then answered by either Chief Jenkins or his wife Pauline.

In the early 1950's, space was found in the back of the first floor of the Main Street Fire House (presently a Professional Building, 95 East Main Street) to house the Officers.

In the early 1960's, the Department was moved into a converted two bay ambulance garage at the back of the then Main Street Fire House. For the first time, the Department had office space, a locker room and holding cells. Prior to this, any prisoners from Denville were held in the Dover Police Department's holding cells.

Chief Harry Jenkins retired in 1962, after 26 years of faithful service to the Township of Denville. Chief Donald J. King was selected to replace him. Chief King served in this capacity until 1980. During his tenure, the department grew from 13 sworn Officers to 30 sworn Officers and 3 civilian employees.

By then, the Department was bursting at the seams in its "Old Headquarters". After years of planning, a new police headquarters was built adjoining the present Municipal Complex on Saint Mary's Place. The building and property had originally been Saint Mary's School number two.

Chief Anthony P. Strungis, Jr. oversaw the planning, building and transition into the new facilities during his short tenure. When Chief Strungis retired in 1983, Chief Howard C. Shaw took charge.

During the years that Howard Shaw was Chief, the department came into the computer age. This now allows all reports and pertinent records to be stored and accessed by computer.

Chief Shaw retired in 1995 and Chief Steven C. Boepple was appointed to command the Department. In the year 2000, the number of full-time department personnel was 31 sworn Officers, 4 dispatchers, 1 parking enforcement officer, and 3 clerical/secretarial civilian employees.

Since 1995, the Department has seen modernization and change in various areas. Patrol Cars are now equipped with in-car computers. Headquarters has been upgraded with a new communications center and lobby area. The Department Rules, Regulations, and Policies have been replaced with a new system based on national standards. The Community Policing Bureau was established to better address the changing safety and enforcement concerns of our citizens and businesses. The Traffic Bureau has been expanded to meet the increased traffic problems of the Township. A strong emphasis on training and keeping high ethical and professional standards has been a major priority.

Chief Boepple retired in 2004 and Lt. Anthony Strungis, III was appointed as the new Chief of Police. Under Chief Strungis, the department continued to grow and adapt to changing police needs. In 2005, the Community Policing and Traffic Bureaus were merged to make better use of both units' resources and the department's first "Bicycle Unit" was created.

Lt. Christopher Wagner was appointed as the new Chief of Police in 2007 with the retirement of Chief StrungisChief Wagner is looking forward to continuing the long standing traditions of the department, as well as incorporating new ideas that will help the department meet and exceed all future expectations.

The members of the Denville Township Police Department are proud of its 65-year history and the 94 men and women (to date) who have worn the Denville Blue. The Denville Police are determined to continue to live up to the highest standards of law enforcement professionalism.

The Denville Police Department would like to thank the late
Lt. Richard McConnell (Ret.), who contributed this article.

Roll Call

A chronological list of all of the men and women who have served on the Denville Police Department.

Harry Jenkins: 1936-1952
Arthur Strathman: 1937-1969
Jack Kelly: 1942-1954
Donald King: 1950-1979
Matthew Olenowski: 1952-1976
Robert Fennimore: ]1952-1974
William Bell: 1955-1980
Robert Scofield: 1955-1980
Anthony Strungis, Jr.: 1957-1983
John Kominiak: 1958-1971
William Covert: 1958-1983
Gavin Rooney: 1959-1990
Raymond Gronemann: 1959-1984
Robin Cronk: 1959-1963
Howard Shaw: 1961-1995
Douglas Erwine: 1963-1992
Arnold Rey: 1963-1987
Gerald Slack: 1963-1966
Harold Quinn: 1964-1965
Daniel Reeves: 1964-1966
Bruce Williams: 1964-1979
Michael DiPalma: 1964-1990
Salvatore Bongiorno: 1965-1970
Raymond Joy: 1965-1989
Bruce Fondiller: 1966-1991
Michael Collins: 1966-1994
Robert Robinson: 1966-1988
William Sperry: 1967-1987
Donald Smith: 1967-1995
Russell Allaman: 1968-1995
Gregory Hopf: 1969-1997
Richard Lyding: 1970-1972
Gregory Weber: 1970-1984
Kenneth Boehm: 1970-1971
Richard Shaw: 1971-1978
Arthur Cooper: 1971-1993
Joseph Neumann: 1972-1995
George Landgraf: 1972-1979
William Underwood, III: 1973-1994
Richard McConnell: 1973-2000
Steven Beopple: 1973-2004
Wayne Hopler: 1974-1995
Anthony Strungis, III: 1980-2007
Anthony Novellino: 1980-2001
Keith Clifford: 1980-2001
Michael Little: 1983-2008
Joseph Valocsik: 1983-1996
Christopher Walsh: 1983-2003
James Cope: 1984-2000
Richard Meltz: 1984-1986
Matthew Kazaba: 1986-2014
Kenneth McEvoy: 1986-2008
Randall Weick: 1987-2012
Christopher Wagner: 1988-
Henry Earl Tremaine: 1988-1989
Christopher Dale: 1989-2011
Scott Kansky: 1990-2011
Michael Lucas: 1990-2012
Ronald Nametko: 1990-2006
Peter Nienstadt: 1990-
Richard Byrne: 1994-2010
Frank Perna: 1994-
William Underwood, IV: 1995-
Bruce McCarter: 1995-
Peter Grawehr: 1995-
Mark Boyer: 1995-
Paul Nigro: 1995-
Jeffrey Tucker: 1995-
Shawn Frawley: 1995-
Brian Donnelly: 1995-
Keith Partin: 1995-
Scott Torkos: 1997-
Thomas Ramsey: 1997-2005
Andrew Fisher: 2000-2006
Michael Weldon: 2000-
Victoria Benson: 2000-2010
Scott Welsch: 2001-
Kristian Sandman: 2002-
Eugene Blood: 2003-2011
Scott Revis: 2004-
Richard Duda: 2004-
Matthew Green: 2004-2005
Bryan Flynn: 2005-2008
Frederick Jackson: 2005-
Scott Tobin: 2006-
Daniel Fernandez: 2007-
Thomas Gorman: 2007-
Frank Quattromini: 2007-2008
Brian Williams: 2007-
John Bortak: 2008-
Dennis Subrizi: 2008-
Franklin Barrows: 2008-
Joseph Morgan: 2008-
David Longo: 2011-
Christopher Megaro: 2011-
Michael Ambrose: 2012-

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