The Community Services Bureau (CSB) is also responsible for traffic safety within the Township. In keeping with this role, CSB investigates all traffic complaints received by the department. As part of the investigation, a detailed traffic study may be conducted using in-road or post mounted sensors that record the volume and speed of traffic. CSB will also conduct high visibility and specialized enforcement of problem areas. Other tactics that may be incorporated include placement of supplemental signage or the temporary placement of the department's speed trailer.

CSB is also responsible for creating the traffic plans for all special events that result in street closures. It also inspects any construction projects that may have an impact on vehicle and/or pedestrian traffic to ensure that all proper signage and other requirements are met.

Traffic Complaints

As mentioned above, the CSB investigates all traffic complaints received by the department. These complaints range from vehicles speeding to missing or malfunctioning traffic signs/signals. Every complaint is investigated and corrective measures are taken if the complaint is found to be justified.

If you would like to file a traffic complaint, please contact the Community Service Bureau:

Please be very specific as to the location and time(s) that the problem is observed. An officer will contact you regarding your complaint and keep you updated on the status of the investigation.


Stop for Pedestrians

The Denville Police would like to remind all drivers that they are required to stop for all pedestrians in a crosswalk. Failure to do so may result in a summons being issued to the driver of the vehicle. As we have a very busy business district, please be extra aware of all pedestrians as you drive through town. As for the pedestrians, please remember to use the crosswalks and cross at signalized intersections only on the green "go" signal.